AMP Diapers Microfiber Inserts

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These AMP diaper inserts are made soft microfiber and work well with any pocket diaper. Microfiber inserts are very absorbent and can be used alone in your pocket diaper or add extra absorbency by using two inserts for night-time use, naps or for heavy wetters. Use along with any insert that is provided with your pocket diaper.

Great for stuffing in pocket diapers or layed inside an AI2 (or pocket diaper) with a stay dry layer on top.

Small inserts are 30 cm long.
Medium inserts are 34 cm long.
Large inserts are 40 cm long.

Tip! If baby has graduated from smalls to mediums you can use the smalls as a night-time booster if baby is a heavy wetter at night.

Made in Canada

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