AMP Diapers- Stay dry Snap Closure All-in-ones Re-Usable Diapers

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AMP Stay dry Snap All-in-one’s. A two sized diaper system that's as easy as it gets!

  • These diapers snap on super quickly and easy! The super absorbent core is made of 3 layers of micro-fiber for a soft squishy feel and quick drying time.
  • The super soft fleece wicks wetness away from baby so baby stays dry and comfortable.
  • The elastic gather are amazing at containing leaks and they are the gentlest on babies sensitive skin.
  • No need for doublers, covers or stuffing, when needed you can lay a booster on top for extra absorbency at night or for very heavy wetting babies.
  • Perfect for baby-sitters, grandparents and daycares and parents that don't like assembling their diapers before use.

Small fits approx. 6-18lbs
Large fits approx. 15-38lbs

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