Omaiki -Baby Nighttime Training Pants Super Undies Overnight Training Pants

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by Omaiki
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Nighttime trainers specially designed for older children.

Designed to look like underwear and not a diaper, they’ve been put to the test! Parents love HERÖ Nighttime Trainers, since they are highly absorbent and perfect for heavy wetters.

Why do children love Herö Nighttime Trainers? Because it gives them independence.
Thanks to the elastic waist, children can easily pull them up or down without help.
The stretchy sides make for a perfect fit on any child.
The inner is lined with polyester jersey to create a stay-dry effect.
Each pair contains several separate absorbent components (built-in absorbency plus two included inserts).
If necessary, parents can add more inserts to increase its absorbency.
Removable inserts make washing and drying easier and faster.

Size Chart:

  • 18-24m Waist 16-18'' / Thighs 12-14''
  • 3-4Y Waist 18-20'' / Thighs 14-16''
  • 5-6Y Waist 20-22'' / Thighs 16-18''
  • 7-8Y Waist 22-24'' / Thighs 18-20''
  • 9-10Y Waist 24-26'' / Thighs 20-22''


  • Sold with its 2 bamboo absorbent inserts.
  • Washer/Dryer
  • We recommend washing your trainers 5-6 times before first use.
  • Wash inside/out
  • 100% PUL
  • Absorption 56% bamboo viscose - 24% organic cotton - 20% polyester
  • Stay-dry lining 100% polyester
  • Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics

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