Kidsme Food Feeder Starter Pack with Holder

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by Kidsme
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The Kidsme Food Feeder allows babies to taste solid food at an earlier age. This will help them get a head start on incorporating important vitamins and minerals into their diet. With the Food Feeder, little ones can easily and safely enjoy a variety of foods, so mealtimes can be a positive experience. The easy to use food feeder encourages self-feeding minimizes choking hazards, helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and is easy to clean.

The feeder comes with a instruction manual and the food sac is changeable to a variety of sizes depending on the child’s development.

  • Kidsme Small Food Feeder
  • Kidsme Large Food Feeder
  • Kidsme First Size Refill Sac
  • Kidsme Holder Chain

Available colors:

  • Lime & Aquamarine
  • Lime & Lavender

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