Fridababy- NoseFrida® Hygiene Filters (20 Pack)

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Fridababy- Baby NasaBaby Nasal Aspirator Hygiene FiltersHygiene Filters

100% WEIRD. 100% HYGIENIC. Disposable NoseFrida Hygiene Filters are clinically proven to prevent mucus or bacterial transfer for seamless snotsucking. 

• Made in Sweden
• Made of moisture-absorbing polyurethane
• Includes twenty filters


  • HYGIENIC - Disposable filters are clinically proven to prevent the transfer of mucus or bacterial germs when clearing a stuffy nose with NoseFrida the Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator.
  • PEDIATRICIAN ENDORSED BABY NASAL ASPIRATOR - Doctor invented nasal aspirator that use parents own suction to safely and effectively clear stuffy noses.
  • Value Pack

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