Herobility- Herobility HeroSippy Easy Sip Spout Cup with Handle 140 ml/4.7 oz

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HeroSippy is as cute and playful as it is practical. The handles and soft spout makes learning to drink from a cup easy and fun. HeroSippy is developed with help from parents. and practical experience, to make a safe, ergonomic and easy to use cup for small babies. HeroSippy has fun touches like little feet and a tail to make it stand up steady on the table.

  • Soft, leak-proof spout is gentle on little mouths, teeth and gums
  • Easy for little hands to open and close
  • Adorable feet and tail make Soft detachable handles make the cup easy to holdit extra steady
  • Makes learning to drink from a cup easy and fun
  • Wide opening for filling your cup with fluids with zero spillage

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