Herobility- Herobility Ultra Thin Nipple Silicone HeroPacifier (2 Pack)

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Designed with children in mind! pacifier is a unique Swedish innovation at its best. Our patented teat is made of soft silicone, and the ultra-thin design of the teat reduces the risk of malocclusion in a child. The pacifier's edges are covered with an extremely soft material that provides the child with comfort during use. The large holes in the nipple shield ensure air flow and protect the child's mouth from irritation. The teat is supplied with a practical cover that allows the teat to sterilize in a microwave oven (3 minutes to 750 W). Thanks to the cover, the pacifier will also remain clean during transport in a bag or pocket.

  • Ultra thin and soft pacifier. Traditional teats are thick, so they can put pressure on the gums and teeth of the child, disturbing their natural development.  has been designed to be gentle to the gums and teeth of the child, thus reducing the risk of malocclusion. The teat is made of ultra-thin and very soft silicone.
  • Soft shield and large cutouts. The pacifier's edges are made of extremely soft plastic, thanks to which they adhere to the child's skin in a gentle way. The shield has large ventilation holes that provide air flow and protect the child's mouth from irritation. The pacifier can also be used as a soothing the gum itching during teething.
  • Orthodontic and symmetrical shape. The anatomic shape of the teat guarantees the natural development of your child's teeth. The symmetrical shape ensures that the teat is always used correctly.
  • Sterilizing cover. The HeroPacifier can be easily and safely sterilized using a microwave oven. It is enough to fill the pacifier cover with clean, cold water, and then insert the teat into it so that it tightly adheres to the casing. The whole is placed in the microwave for 3 minutes at 750W.The cover also protects the teat against dirt when storing it in a bag or pocket.
  • Intended for washing in a dishwasher.  can be washed in a dishwasher, infused and sterilized in a microwave oven using a casing.

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