Herobility-HeroStorage,Container 100ml/3.5oz (2 Pack)

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Herobility HeroStorage is a leak proof and freezer safe storage compartment that is attachable to the bottom of the bottles. HeroStorage is perfect for breast milk, formula, food or snacks when you are on the go. Box Contains 1 x 2 Pieces Blue and Turquoise HeroStorage Pack

Compatible with HeroSippy and HeroBottle.
HeroStorage is easily screwed onto the bottom of HeroSippy and HeroBottle.

Drain lines.

Drain lines for dishwasher water.
HeroStorage has drain lines, letting water run off in the dishwasher. This makes sure your HeroStorage is always clean and fresh!

Mix and match!
Create your own color combination by combining parts from differently colored HeroStorage containers.

HeroStorage is safe to put in the freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and boiling water.

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