Omaiki All-in-One Waterproof Mini Diapers - Newborn

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by Omaiki
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Newborn all-in-one diaper (5-15lbs)

Although Omaïki one-size diapers fit most babies from birth, there are times when the Mini model is a better option.
They are perfect for smaller newborns and premature babies.
Mini-Ö Diapers come with two height adjustments. They fit babies from 5 lb to just over 3 months.


  • Best fit.
  • Perfect adjustment for all ages and sizes.
  • Easier newborn setting.


  • Closures Snaps
  • Waterproof protection 100% PUL
  • Absorption 70% bamboo viscose - 30% organic cotton
  • Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics

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