Smart Bottoms- Smart One 3.1 One Size All-in-One Printed Dream Diaper

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Practical Meets Fashionable Smart Bottoms one-size, all-in-one diaper is available in twenty six exciting colorful fun prints. The trim design will fit under most clothing, no need to buy the next size up in clothing just to fit over the diaper. Our one-size diapers can be used Only the Best for Your Baby We use only 100% certified organic cotton inside our diapers. Your baby's skin will not be exposed to harmful pesticide residue or petroleum based fabrics when you use Smart Bottoms. The natural fibers will reduce, if not eliminate diaper rashes as well as promote early potty learning.

  • The Smart One 3.1 is an organic, one-size, AIO diaper. This diaper will fit babies 8lbs-35lbs.
  • 100% Organic Cotton inner provides a trimmer, more absorbent diaper.
  • Attached insert can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency, a total of 10 layers!
  • Design allows for quick dry-time. Most machines will dry in one cycle on warm
  • Four rise settings allow for a perfect fit from 8lbs-35lbs.

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